Alejandro Sanchez


Alejandro Sanchez is currently a senior enrolled at the University of California, Santa Barbara where he pursues a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies. A first-generation college student, Alejandro paved his own path throughout his college experience.


He was born just South of Los Angeles and raised in the small town of Lawndale, California. Lawndale was more than just a city to him, however, as he began his community building skills early on. Through several community building events and involvement in a local non-profit, Ambition, Alejandro began to appreciate the importance of surrounding oneself with a strong sense of community. Now a brother of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, Alejandro continues to develop his leadership and communication skills.


Alejandro began garnering interest in development through his coursework as he began to look into career opportunities in order to gain experience in the housing development field. Coupled with the fact that he has grown up around several people that rely on affordable housing, this internship opportunity aligned perfectly with both his career interests and personal goals. Alejandro has plans to enter the planning field and a goal to branch out into green building and with the help of CCRH, he is excited to learn every step of the way.