Antonio Camarena

Antonio is a first-generation college student who graduated this spring from California State University, Stanislaus earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance.


Antonio was born and raised in Modesto, California located in the heart of the Central Valley. He began working as a Junior in High school with his uncles in the fields and since then has held several job positions raging from warehouse management to coffee barista.

His family has experienced first-hand the struggles that come with searching for affordable housing. Like many families, Antonio’s family was affected by the Mortgage Crisis in 2008. The incomprehension of what caused such a pivotal point for him and his family sparked his interest in Finance and Accounting.


The CCRH Internship has provided him with the opportunity to work with his first non-profit organization. He is excited for what is to come and to be able to use his knowledge and experience for the well-being of others, especially low-income communities.

(916) 443-4448

717 K St #400, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA