Brisa Huertero Yepez 

Brisa .jpeg

Brisa Huertero Yepez (She/her/hers)

Host agency: Northern Circle, Indian Housing Authority

College: Mendocino College


Brisa is a dancer and a member of the Hopland Band Pomo Indians. She is studying to become a licensed contractor to serve her community where it’s needed most, in the homes. Seeing her aunties and uncles struggle and witnessing how it affected her cousins, she knew that she never wanted her younger nieces, nephews, and cousins to struggle the same way. She has a wide variety of skills, including construction, maintenance, Arc GIS, speaking English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Portuguese fluently, and having a solid and rooted relationship with her community. While growing up, Brisa learned her maintenance and construction skills from her father and uncles, who had all been in the trades. As the first intern at this host agency, Brisa hopes to set an example for her younger family members too, when the time is right, become interns to strengthen her community. Through this internship, Brisa hopes to become a role model for her community and encourage more of her family to work in tribal Housing and advocacy.