Elizabeth Phillips

Host Agency: Community Frameworks

University:  Eastern Washington University


Elizabeth Phillips started her academic journey at Eastern Washington University. She started out in the Exercise Science Field and was a personal trainer for many years as well as a professional mixed martial artist, who competed at the elite top level of professional combat sports, winning 2 Amateur Washington State titles and turning professional for more than 7 years now. After taking a few courses in African-American Studies, Elizabeth was very interested in learning about her culture. Elizabeth decided to change her academic program and instead of Exercise Science she received a Bachelor of Arts in Race and Culture Studies with an emphasis in African American and Indian Studies. Upon graduating, Elizabeth received a one-year contract to serve as the Multicultural Coordinator at Eastern Washington University.


There, she served for the Office for Diversity and Inclusion. She supervised and coordinated a group called the Diversity Leadership Ambassadors program that was comprised of Students of all marginalized groups. She loves serving her community and working with marginalized group as well as committing her purpose to the community she loves. After her contract ended at Eastern Washington University she began working as an International Coordinator part time while beginning her first quarter of her Master’s program in Public Administration.


She also worked at the city part-time as an intern in the Civil Service Department learning about City Management. After completing her first year in Public Administration, Elizabeth started working at Community Frameworks through the CCRH Internship Program, where she is starting to learn about affordable housing, specifically development and financing of these projects. Elizabeth is very eager to learn and looks forward to many achievements in the near future.

(916) 443-4448

717 K St #400, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA