Roda Minas

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Roda Midas

Host Agency: CCRH

University: California State University, Sacramento



Roda is first generation college graduate from Sacramento State, earning a BA in psychology and a minor in Deaf studies. 

Roda was born in Oromia located in East Africa, Ethiopia. She and her family moved to the States, San Jose CA, in ‘98 and lived in Section 8 housing most of her life. Her family has personally experienced the struggles faced by the lack of adequate housing and the challenges of being able to secure affordable housing.  She is aware that her family has been impacted by the systemic racism built within institutions and policies perpetuating the lack of housing and income disparities among communities of color. Fortunately, in 2014 Roda and her family became homeowners through Habitat for Humanity. Roda has witnessed and experienced the positive effects of affordable housing and access to homeownership, which have fueled her decision to pursue a career in affordable housing advocacy. 

The CCRH Internship offers Roda the opportunity to jump start a career in affordable housing. She is very excited for the future and ready to learn the ins-and-outs of affordable housing.