Stephanie Ortiz

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Stephanie Ortiz-Villanueva

Host Agency: NeighborWorks Sacramento

University: California State University, Sacramento


Stephanie Ortiz-Villanueva was born and raised in Sacramento, California. She was raised only by her mother because her father was absent throughout her life. Her single mother raised five kids on her own, all while working full-time as a kitchen manager. Throughout Stephanie’s childhood her family moved to different homes all around Sacramento. Even though she had to adapt and experience different environments, her living situation got better with each new move. Unfortunately, in 2018 rent prices started to increase and her family decided to move out of the city life into a small town in Brooks, CA, also known as the Capay Valley offering more housing adorability. 


Stephanie held two jobs while finishing up school, she worked the graveyard shift at Amazon and at Mercy Housing California as an afterschool tutor. While working two jobs and finishing up school, Stephanie was also a full-time mom to a beautiful toddler girl. In Spring of 2020, Stephanie succeeded and graduated from California State University, Sacramento earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance Risk Management and Insurance. 


During her time in the CCRH Internship Program Stephanie hopes to apply the knowledge she gained in college and her childhood experience to contribute more and better ways of providing affordable housing to all types of families throughout California.