Tasia Bernard

Host Agency: Community Frameworks

University: Eastern Washington University


Tasia Bernard graduated last spring from Eastern Washington University with a degree in Urban and Regional planning and a minor in Africana studies. She is the first in her family to graduate college and is showing new possibilities to her younger siblings.


During her 4 years of college Tasia was an active member of the Black Student Union and served as president for 2 years. She dedicated her time at Eastern to advocate for under-represented students of color and provided a safe place for students to be heard. Serving others led to a deeper understanding and purpose that helped her develop an interest in affordable housing.  


Tasia understands that affordable housing is the first stepping stool to a successful future.  The CCRH Internship is providing Tasia with a deeper understanding of the process that entails building affordable housing and hands-on work experience in this process. She is excited to witness what her future career holds and is ready to help uplift her community.