Araseli Navarro

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Araseli Navarro

Host Agency: Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation.

College: California State University, Channel Islands  


Araseli Navarro (she/hers) is a first-generation college student at California State University, Channel Islands double majoring in Psychology and Sociology and minoring in Political Science.

Araseli was raised in Santa Paula, CA to a humble, farmworker family. She grew up in an environment where her housing was never secured. Due to her parents' financial struggles, her family lived in overcrowded conditions. Araseli’s life experiences gave her a unique and direct perspective of the systematic oppressions that surround racial inequity. This made her passionate about going to college so that she could learn how to advocate for communities just like hers. Throughout her education, Araseli conducted research on immigrant populations in Ventura County and the Black Lives Matter Movement, volunteered with local nonprofits and programs on her college campus, and mentored students through her variety of job positions.

With CCRH, Araseli hopes to learn how she can create equitable and sustainable communities with her host organization and research. She believes that accessible housing is a basic human right everyone should have for their safety, health, and security. Araseli wants to help BIPOC, low-income communities because she wants to help build these communities up and feel secure.