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Hut on a Hill


Key Benefits

  • Affordable housing policy and program advocacy in the California
    Legislature and Congress, as well as with Federal, State, and local
    housing agencies and other governmental bodies

  • 'Action Alert Network' with updates on Federal and State affordable housing programs and mobilization of local communities and individuals. We build broad-based coalitions with racial equity organizations, environmentalists, growers, local governments, labor, and other constituencies

  • Training and informational forums, including affordable housing
    program design and implementation, grant-writing, smart growth
    and energy-efficiency, and inclusionary housing programs

  • Technical assistance to nonprofit affordable housing organizations,
    rural local planning and housing officials, and grassroots community groups

  • Projects to promote leadership development, asset-building, elder
    financial security, housing preservation, disaster recovery, and
    sustainable rural communities

  • Access to our extensive research on rural housing data and critical
    public policy information

  • ...and more. 


For complete list of membership benefits, click here.

Thank you to our current members!


Burbank Housing

California Housing Partnership Corp

CHIP—Community Housing Improvement Project

Community Economics

Dry Creek Rancheria

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Mercy Housing

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Northern Circle Indian Housing Authority


People's Self-Help Housing

PEP Housing



Self Help Enterprises

Visionary Home Builders

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