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The California Coalition for Rural Housing (CCRH) is proud to announce the launch of a searchable database of California’s Inclusionary programs developed in partnership with the UC Davis, Center for Regional Change (CRC).  

Also known as Inclusionary Zoning, Inclusionary Housing programs are adopted by cities and counties to stimulate affordable housing production by requiring or encouraging a certain percentage of affordable units in new market-rate housing developments. The database includes 143 jurisdictions across California with Inclusionary Housing programs in place as of November 2021. The database gives users a visual snapshot of these programs, as well as a tool to dig into detailed program information and filter programs by relevant jurisdictional and programmatic characteristics.  


This database is the result of a two-year collaboration with the Nonprofit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH) and the Grounded Solutions Network. In 2019, CCRH and NPH participated in an effort led by the Grounded Solutions Network to conduct a national census of Inclusionary Housing programs. With the assistance of the University of California, Davis, Center for Regional Change, Inclusionary Housing programs in California are now placed online in a publicly accessible format to inform stakeholders and help make the case for inclusive communities.  


With this new database, CCRH continues to provide cutting-edge research for local government officials, affordable housing advocates, consultants, and researchers to design and implement Inclusionary Housing programs in California, nationally, and internationally.  

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