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Jazmin Vasquez

Jazmin Vasquez is a rising senior at UC San Diego completing her Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Development with a minor in Urban Studies and Planning. She is the daughter of Mexican immigrant parents and a first generation college student passionate about affordable housing development.


Jazmin lives in San Diego and has grown up in low-income housing, and closely understands the importance of having accessible and secure shelter. Her goal is to help develop affordable housing for those in need, while also providing resources to further assist tenants with financial literacy, food insecurity, childcare services, education, and more to strengthen the community. These services will allow equal opportunity for tenants to achieve upward socioeconomic mobility and break poverty cycles.


Jazmin is also passionate about the importance of diversity within the real estate industry, and she wants to serve and represent her Latino community and those of similar backgrounds to her throughout her career.

Jazmin is hoping she can become the bridge between generational poverty and generational wealth for her family and is certain that her experience with CCRH and Community HousingWorks can serve as an instrumental tool to build a career in her passion.


She cannot wait to continue this journey and create a better future not only for herself but for her family and community.

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