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Liz Hernandez
Associate Tribal Programs Manager 

Liz’s goals are to assist the CCRH team with policy developments, programming, and capacity building to tribes as well as to bridge any gaps between tribes and other governments. Liz understands the importance of tribes protecting their people and their lands and understands the importance of tribes truly being a sovereign nation.


Liz is an enrolled member of the Gidutikad Band of the Northern Paiutes and currently resides on her reservation in Fort Bidwell CA. Liz graduated from Stevens Hanegar’s-Independence University online program with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.


Throughout Liz’s career she has worked in Health Information Management, Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement, Public Service, Logistics, Tribal Housing, Child Development, Wellness, Environmental, Tribal Administration, local food programs, Grant Writing, planning and coaching basketball for her local high school team.


Liz has many interests and hobbies such as playing sports, hunting, fishing, cooking, camping, and spending time with family enjoying the outdoors.


Liz looks forward to excelling as the new Associate Tribal Technical Assistance Program Manager for CCRH and hopes to bring new insights to the team.

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