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Afrika Tesfa 

Afrika Tesfa is a first-generation Eritrean American college student attending Whitworth University, pursuing a Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing. Born in Eritrea, Afrika migrated to the USA in 2009, and his experiences have profoundly shaped his worldview and aspirations, particularly for advocating for others.


In high school, Afrika co-founded a club under the International Business Internship Program (IBIP), creating income-generating solutions and fundraising for businesses in Nigeria. Over two years, the club helped improve hospital operations and a restaurant in areas where most residents live on less than 1 USD a day.

Initially, Afrika was driven by a desire to advocate for BIPOC communities through business marketing. However, his interest evolved toward the dynamic and highly impactful field of real estate. At Whitworth University, Afrika holds an analyst position for the student investment group and actively participates in the recreational soccer club. Currently, he is paving the way for the establishment of the university's first real estate club, showcasing his dedication to his chosen field.

Afrika's passion for making a significant impact through his work has led him to the CCRH Internship Program at Community Frameworks. In this setting, he is eager to delve deep into the world of affordable housing development and understand the larger industry dynamics. With a long-term career goal of establishing a corporation, Afrika plans to use impact investing as a tool to address social inequalities, specifically housing and service disparities, while fostering economic growth. His vision has a special emphasis on emerging markets, particularly in his home continent of Africa.

Motivated by personal experiences and committed to using his education to catalyze change, Afrika is excited about the opportunities and learning experiences the CCRH Internship Program will provide.

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