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Formed in 1976 following a farmworker housing conference, CCRH is one of the oldest state low-income housing coalitions in the country. Through advocacy, organizing, research, and technical assistance, our goal is to make the case for rural housing improvement and strengthen the capacity of the nonprofit and public sectors to provide affordable housing and related facilities. Members are primarily community-based nonprofit and public developers, including the largest self-help housing producers in the United States, as well as local government officials, and local activists concerned about rural quality of life.


Our Mission

To educate and encourage public support on a wide array of housing issues, focusing efforts to promote and preserve affordable housing in rural California.


To assert the importance of developing and preserving safe, healthy, and adequate housing as an integral part of building sustainable rural communities.


To ensure quality of life for rural families and their neighborhoods through smart growth land use principles.


To actively participate at all levels of government to achieve policies for the production and preservation of affordable housing.

What We Do

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Policy Advocacy


CCRH Diversity Internship Program


Technical Assistance


Asset Building


American Indian Community Development 



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