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Andres Castellanos

Andres Castellanos is currently an upcoming junior at Sonoma State University majoring in Economics and Applied Statistics. He was born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and moved to Fresno, CA where he was raised prior to moving out for college. Andres has always been a part of the lower socioeconomic sector, hence his interest in majoring in Economics to better understand the economy and help those who are going through the same inequalities he went through growing up.

Andres often had to spend summer and winter breaks working in the heat and cold winters outside in the fields alongside his father. This drove him to make it his goal to advocate for equality in the economic sector, striving to close the poverty gap and ensuring every individual receives equality.


Growing up, he often witnessed the struggle of his parents trying to provide food and housing, which is still a struggle in many communities today. As a result, Andres decided to take part in the CCRH Internship working alongside MidPen Housing, using his knowledge of Economics and Applied statistics he aims to gain more skills from working firsthand in the affordable housing sector.

Interning with MidPen Housing, Andres hopes to address the discrimination and inequalities of having access to housing in the Bay Area. Striving for affordable housing provides beautiful designed and well-managed housing which is surrounded by a good community of schools, jobs, and people that support every individual no matter of race.

Once Andres completes his internship and undergraduate degree, he plans to attend graduate school to obtain his Ph.D. in statistics. focusing on applying statistics to society and combining it with the field of study of economics to do research in ways to help lower socioeconomic individuals.


Andres aims to provide equal opportunities and hopes to one day return post-studies to his community in Mexico and Fresno to help provide opportunities to individuals who may struggle to find the right resources and provide for his community.

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