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Kotaro Chavez

Kotaro Chavez is a first-generation college student attending Oregon State University in Corvallis and is set to finish his B.S. in Sociology during the Summer '23 academic term. Kotaro also participated in the school's University Legislative Scholars Program (ULS), familiarizing him with the Oregon legislature and legislative process. While in ULS he followed various bills related to housing and mental health resources, in addition to meeting with several lobbyists and legislators currently working on the state’s most pressing issues.


He also interned with a lobbying firm that served a variety of non-profit organizations in the state of Vermont. There he attended both the state senate and house committee meetings, updating the non-profits on changes to legislation and helping them prepare testimony. Through the CCRH internship program, Kotaro hopes to develop an understanding of the housing development process and learn about innovative ways to address the housing shortage.

Kotaro was born in the eastern part of Los Angeles, California. Though it was a great place to grow up in, he recognized that everyone did not have the same opportunities he did. His interest in affordable housing started early on as he became familiar with the housing struggles his closest friends and family faced through conversations they had. He was shown how much stable and affordable housing matters to individuals and their families, especially concerning life opportunities and outcomes.


Every person deserves to have a roof over their head, just as every person deserves the chance to build a home. Kotaro rejects the idea that housing should be conditional. His current goal is to ensure everyone has a place to sleep at night, regardless of how much money they make.

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