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Nataly Jimenez

Nataly Jimenez is a first-generation Mexican American Latina born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She lives in Stockton, California, currently attending the University of the Pacific and pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.


Her father migrated to the United States at 14 hoping to give his family and future kids a better life. She is the daughter of two extremely hard-working selfless individuals who sacrificed everything for their children. During the summer and winter breaks, Nataly often traveled back to her hometown in Mexico with her family, and on those trips, they would often take boxes of clothes to give back to the people from their hometown; they feed over 300 people every year on December 11th and donate school supplies to the children ranging from backpacks, pencils, notebooks, and uniforms for afterschool activities.


Seeing how much her family continues to help others without ever expecting anything in return and how grateful people are in return ignited a passion for Nataly to continue giving back to her community just like her father and mother. While attending high school, she was in the biomedical careers’ academy, played volleyball, and was the school's associated student body secretary. She helped in the planning and execution of important school events that helped unify the school, such as school rallies, afterschool sporting events, homecoming, prom, senior activities, and most importantly, in allocating proper fundraising and budgeting that helped make everything possible.


After graduating high school, Nataly chose to attend her local community college to help save some of the cost that came with attending a four-year university straight away. At El Camino College, she received an associate in arts for General Studies Biological & Physical Sciences and an associate in science, majoring in Pre-Nursing. During her time at El Camino, the school's dean gave her a letter of recognition for obtaining an expletory GPA and she also received a Certificate of Achievement. After receiving her associate's, she attended Pathways College to become a certified nursing assistant. However, in doing so and working hands-on with her patients, she realized that although she knew she wanted to help others, that wasn't the form in which she wanted to give back.

Nataly's desire to participate in the CCRH program and help provide affordable housing to low-income families arose through her living experience in Stockton. On the first day she received her apartment, it was broken into, and the apartment manager hired by the complex scammed many tenants, including herself, of over $100,000 in payments in total.


Her hope in participating in the program is to learn as much as she can about everything this opportunity has to offer. Eventually, she hopes to continue to work in a nonprofit in this same career path and, in the future, help build affordable housing for senior members in her hometown.

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