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Member Spotlight: Peoples' Self-Help Housing "Building Together" Virtual Event

As communities across the country began sheltering-in-place, many organizations, including Peoples’ Self-Help Housing (PSHH) in California, were faced with the difficult decision to cancel their upcoming fundraising events. In response, PSHH unveiled "Building Together” a virtual event which is posing the question “What does ‘home’ mean to you?”

Building Together invites people near and far, to ‘create a house’, in any way desired, using materials found at home. Once complete, they take a photo of the project, write a few words describing ‘what ‘home means to you’, and submit for inclusion in the digital gallery.

To date, Building Together has received over 80 submissions from people across the country, and in some cases around the globe! It has also raised $3,811 from generous donors, which will directly support PSHH residents who are facing medical, food, and other financial emergencies amidst the coronavirus.

“We have been so inspired seeing the many different interpretations of ‘home’,” said John Fowler President & CEO of Peoples’ Self-Help Housing who submitted his own project entirely crafted from soda cans. “We hope this virtual event will bring our community together and help showcase the significance of a home – not just today, but every day.”

Maria, Santa Barbara, CA Reed, childhood mementos Home means a safe and loving environment for my family. Home is a wonderful place where I can spend quality time with my family, enjoying a beautiful, sunny afternoon.

Entries can be submitted to and viewed online at: Participants can also share their creations on their own social media pages using #WhatHomeMeansToMe and #PSHHBuildingTogether.

Jane & Mike, San Luis Obispo, CA Assorted fruits and vegetables Our home is welcoming, nurturing, and has a ‘salad’ foundation.

David, Guadalupe, CA Paper, markers, colored pencils, photographs, cheerios I like my home because I spend time with my family.


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